Comfortable and elegant, the DOLOMIA sofa is an ideal choice for modern spaces.


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Comfortable and elegant, the DOLOMIA sofa is an ideal choice for modern spaces. The unusual and unique shape of the DOLOMIA sofa is something that the UNIQAT family is not only known for but also proud of. Our goal of making designer furniture accessible and attainable is clearly visible in each piece of furniture we produce, and the DOLOMIA sofa is an excellent example of that. 

With a natural shape and no sharp lines, the DOLOMIA sofa has a sort of effortless elegance that's easy to work with and fit into your space. This sofa is stunning and can easily become a new focal point of your space. 

The most magnificent feature of the DOLOMIA sofa is that it's adaptable. A modular sofa that comes in two sizes and countless variations is able to adapt to your space. No matter what you need, the DOLOMIA sofa will deliver. 

Its dried beech wood supporting structure is sturdy and provides ample support. That makes the DOLOMIA sofa reliable and durable. Here at UNIQAT, we make long-lasting furniture that will embellish your space for years to come. The high-quality foam and elastic foam that are in the seating and backrest make the DOLOMIA sofa super comfortable and cosy. The Material of the sofa is super soft, which makes DOLOMIA an ideal choice for relaxation at the end of a long day. 

Organic Shapes 

The DOLOMIA sofa has a peculiar and unique look. Instead of going the modern route of sharp lines and industrial materials, we decided to give our clients something more organic. The subtle, round appearance of the DOLOMIA sofa will leave you breathless. What's more, it will make the sofa stand out in your space. 

The DOLOMIA sofa goes well with all other styles of furniture but stands out in all the right ways. The roundness of the back and armrests, as well as the tight-looking seams, make this sofa a statement piece. If you’ve ever wanted something that will look both elegant, and down to earth, then the DOLOMIA sofa is the right choice for you.

Comfortable Padding

Even though it looks more like an art piece than a relaxing place to rest, the DOLOMIA sofa is actually extremely comfortable. The paddings in the seating and the backrest are extra soft, which makes you feel as if you're sitting in a cloud. And, if you opt for the original, baby blue DOLOMO sofa, it can even look like it! 

The high-quality HR foam and thermal bonded felt in the seating will make DOLOMIA your new favourite place to sit. Furthermore, the ergonomic GR high-elasticity foam that's in the backrest will provide lumbar and back support, so you'll never actually feel like a couch potato (even if you are one). 

Unique Design

Even though the unique design is a signature UNIQAT move, the DOLOMIA sofa still stands out. It was an addition to our selection that was necessary because we wanted to provide a sofa that would be contemporary and fashionable but still cosy and discreet. The organic shapes like the ones the DOLOMIA sofa has aren't something that's common in the industry, so you won't really see them in just any sofa shop. 

Of course, what makes this sofa even more unique is the fact that it's modular. Because a sofa should adapt to your space (and not the other way around), we created a piece that's completely adaptable. As you'll see below, the DOLOMIA sofa can easily be a two or three-seater sofa of any size you need or even a corner sofa. 

Adaptability and versatility are our highest priorities, which means that we'll do anything to make your design vision come true. 

A DOLOMIA Sofa Just For You

As mentioned, the DOLOMIA sofa is adaptable. It's a modular sofa that has plenty of modules and potential arrangements that you can mix and match and play around with. The advantages of modular sofas are practically endless. First of all, you can make them in any size and shape that works for you and your space. The DOLOMIA sofa, for example, can be anywhere from 194 cm to 354 cm long. Now that’s a lot of variety of length to play with!

Modular sofas are also easy to assemble and move. If you’re someone who moves frequently, then you already know how big of an advantage that is. These sofas allow you to personalise your furniture. As a company that’s all about unique designer furniture, we understand the desire to leave a personal touch on your furniture and do everything we can to cater to that need. 

It’s also worth noting that modular furniture is more eco*friendly and environmentally conscious than mass-produced furniture. Here at UNIQAT, we produce all our pieces according to our client's needs and desires. That means we don’t produce anything that doesn’t have an end destination (the client’s home). All the premium materials we use are harvested and produced mindfully and with purpose, and we don’t waste it. 

Create Your Perfect Dolomia Sofa

If you’re just looking for a simple two-seater sofa, then you’re in luck. The original DOLOMIA sofa is a two-seater that’s 194 cm long and 95 cm deep. The height of this sofa is 79 cm. The seat high is 44 cm, which is quite standard, while the seat depth is 48 cm. The seating isn’t as deep as in some of our other sofas, but that’s what makes DOLOMIA so special. These dimensions make it a perfect sitting spot because they allow the sofa to provide ample support to your back. 

However, if you’re interested in making your DOLOMIA sofa special, then you can play around with modules and create your perfect piece of furniture. Let’s see how that works, shall we?

The Two-Seater DOLOMIA Sofa

Just like all our other modular sofas, the DOLOMIA sofa has several different categories of modules. Because the DOLOMIA sofa is actually a part of the DOLOMIA collection, two of its modules are actually stand-alone pieces: an armchair and a footstool.

The armchair is actually module 12, which has 104 cm in length and 95 cm in depth. As far as armchairs go, this is one of the most comfortable ones out there, given that you can simply sink into the comfortable, soft cushions and enjoy your time there. And, if you want to rest your feet as well, you can put them on module 80. This module is a footstool that’s 90 cm wide and 60 cm deep. The armchair and the footstool work well together and complement the DOLOMIA sofa (no matter which arrangement you go for), but they also look great as stand-alone pieces.

As far as the two-seater sofa is concerned, there are three more modules to consider:

  • 20, which is a middle piece that you can use to create an extra-long DOLOMIA sofa or a U-shaped DOLOMIA sofa. It’s 120 cm long and 95 cm deep, and it has no armrests.
  • 21, which is a left-end piece that’s 157cm long and 95 cm deep.
  • 23, which is a right-end equivalent of module 21.

You can mix and match these modules to create a two or three-seater. Of course, the DOLOMIA sofa already has a three-seater version. So, let’s see what that looks like.

The Three-Seater DOLOMIA Sofa

The standard three-seater DOLOMIA sofa is 214 cm long and 95 cm deep. If you’re looking for a typical sofa that sits three people, then ask for module 272. 

However, if you want your three-seater to look a bit different, or you’re looking for a sofa that can fit four or more people, then you should check out the other modules we offer. The modules that pertain to the three-seater DOLOMIA sofa are:

  • 270; just like module 20, this is a middle piece that can be used for U-shaped sofas. It’s 140 cm long and 95 cm deep.
  • 271; a left-end module that’s 177 cm long and 95 cm deep.
  • 273; a right-end module that’s the same size as 271 but has an armrest on the other side.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities for you to create a unique sofa that works for your space. You can mix the modules from both of these categories to create a particular size. Depending on your space, you can go with the small sofa or the massive, five-seater sofa. But that’s not all!

You can also go for the corner sofa.

The Corner DOLOMIA Sofa

Corner sofas are a great choice because they allow you to make use of all the space you have available and turn a corner into something functional. The corner sofa in the DOLOMIA family can be created by using these modules:

  • 71, which is a left-corner piece that’s 155 cm deep and 97 cm long
  • 73, which is the same as module 71, except it’s a right-oriented corner piece

The corner DOLOMIA sofa is a vital part of the DOLOMIA collection. It arguably offers the highest levels of versatility and adaptability, which are, as you know, staple features of all UNIQAT pieces. 

Designed By Riccardo Carli

The DOLOMIA collection is a work of art, and the artist who created it is the Italian designer Riccardo Carli. The Italian heritage is clearly visible in all DOLOMIA lines and details. The sofa, as well as all other pieces in the DOLOMIA collection, is sleek and comfortable. 

Because of the unavoidable Italian influences on his design, Mr Carli made the DOLOMIA sofa sophisticated and elegant. However, he also ensured that the sofa still looked modern and creative. The combination of all these influences gave us DOLOMIA, which is stylish and grand without looking too uptight. After all, furniture is meant to be used and should be, above all else, functional. And that’s exactly what DOLOMIA is.

An Extensive Choice of Materials And Colours

The DOLOMIA sofa wouldn’t be half as versatile as it is if we didn’t offer a massive choice of materials and colours. As you can see, the original DOLOMIA sofa was envisioned in a soft baby-blue colour that compliments its delicate lines and overall organic shape. However, the DOLOMIA sofa looks just as wonderful in any other colour, shade, and material.

You can take your pick between dozens of materials available in the UNIQAT collection. And when you click on the “Customize It” button at the top of the page, you’ll see the top nine colour and material picks that we made for the DOLOMIA collection.

Of course, don’t let that dissuade you if you had some other colour in mind. The world (and the UNIQAT colour selection) is your oyster!

That You Can Pair With Seven Wood Options

No matter which material and colour you end up picking, you’ll be able to make them work with the wood choices we have available. The original DOLOMIA sofa has dried beech construction. However, the wooden legs are customisable. You can request them to be dried beech, just like the construction, or you can opt for one of seven oak wood choices:

  • Black legs go beautifully with the DOLOMIA sofa because they give the piece some extra edge
  • Cherry legs are elegant and sophisticated, just like the sofa itself.
  • Mahogany legs come in a rich, dark red tone that will be in contrast to the fabric colour you pick.
  • Natural legs are always an excellent choice because they allow the sofa to shine without taking away any of the attention.
  • Oak legs are the original designer pick for the DOLOMIA sofa, which means you can’t go wrong with them.
  • Walnut goes great with all other wood colours, so your DOLOMIA sofa won’t clash with other furniture pieces.
  • Dark walnut

UNIQAT Sofas — Modern Sofas for Unique Living

The DOLOMIA sofa is one of the most popular designer sofas in the UNIQAT selection. The elegance and sophistication of this piece are exquisite and easy to fit into any space. The fact that the sofa is modular just adds to its popularity. 

Bespoke Lux Furniture

Here at UNIQAT, we strive to provide effortless luxury to all our clients. Our furniture is made with love but, more importantly, with high-quality, premium materials. We create and assemble everything per our client’s request, which means we don’t mass-produce any of our models. 

European Craftsmanship

Our furniture is the result of decades of experience in the industry. Everything we sell is produced in our European factory and showcased in our Chesham showroom. All our pieces are made with excellent craftsmanship and design know-how, which means they are made to last.

Fast Lead Times

Designer furniture takes time, but with UNIQAT, you don’t have to wait long. No matter which version of the DOLOMIA sofa you order or how many pieces from the DOLOMIA collection you need, they’ll be in your home in a matter of weeks. We don’t make our clients wait months for their beloved furniture pieces because, aside from being unique, we’re also quick and efficient!

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All deliveries within the UK mainland are carried out by our very own experienced transport team from UNIQAT. As part of our exceptional service, a helpful two man team will position your new furniture in exactly the spot you'd like it to be within your home.

They'll also give you time to inspect your shiny new furniture and make sure you're happy with everything, before shaking hands and bidding you farewell.

Our Delivery Service Charges are:

£40 for all UK Mainland Orders under £400*

£80 for all UK Mainland Orders over £400*

* Please note deliveries to remote Scottish regions may incur an additional delivery charge. For further details, please contact us on 01494 793 515 and we'll tell you all you need to know.

As our delivery lead time can vary at certain times throughout the year, for our up-to-date lead time please contact us on 01494 793 515 or via email If you've got a specific time frame in mind, such as working around the decorators or desperately needing it for a family gathering, then give us a call on 01494 793 515 and we'll do our very best to deliver your new furniture, when you need it.

A big sofa needs a large doorway! If you think entry into your property and rooms could be tricky, we strongly advise you to contact our Transport Department on 01494 793 515 to discuss access arrangements. 


Here at UNIQAT, we want you to be able to enjoy your new furniture at the earliest date possible, so we aim to deliver as quickly as we can. As all of our furniture is made to order and made from scratch using your material choices, we work very hard to keep lead times down to a minimum. We are currently working wth lead time of 5-8 weeks depnding on order size and specification of items. You can always keep track of your order and when it will arrive by emailing us at with your order number.

We will always try our best to accommodate any particular needs you may have. Should you have a timeframe in mind or require delivery in irregular circumstances (such as a house move), let us know in advance and we will certainly try our utmost to meet any requirements when we come to finalise your furniture’s delivery date. You can always chat to our helpful team, who will be happy to talk you through the various options that are available.


Before we deliver your sofa, it would be much appreciated if you could ensure there is a clear route to your home, so our team can transport your new piece of furniture inside safely and conveniently. It's also a good idea to measure everything up, so you know your sofa's going to fit perfectly in its new home. This will help us to make sure your furniture reaches its new home in perfect condition with no risk of damage to your property, and that you're happy with everything. Also, if there are any factors that may impact our delivery, like parking difficulties or if your flat is above ground level, it’s best to let us know in advance.

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