UNIQAT Helps You Give Back to Nature

UNIQAT’s mission is to provide bespoke furniture at affordable prices. Our vision is to create furniture that’s tailor-made for each individual customer. Beautifully crafted furniture is what we’re all about.

But, because we live and breathe furniture crafting, we also know what it takes and what nature has to provide for us to get the supplies to create that bespoke, exceptional piece of furniture that will grace your home for years to come.

That’s why aside from our mission of bringing unique pieces to every home in the USA & Europe, we also have a mission of sustainability.


The Green Mission of Sustainability

Because we’re all aware of how hugely impactful the environmental crisis that we’re in is, we won’t lecture you on it. Climate change is probably the biggest crisis we as humans have ever faced, which is why it’s vital that we all contribute as much as we can to help ease it.

UNIQAT is a family company which is why we believe that we should always help those around us. Our Green Mission of Sustainability is inspired both by that and our desire to be a responsible business that continually works on lowering its own environmental impact.

Lowering our individual and collective carbon footprint is the best way to help our planet. But how can we achieve that? Well, we could all walk to work instead of driving our cars and burning through petrol. We could also recycle more.

However, it’s much more sustainable (and environmentally friendly) if we were to plant more trees.

Yes, solving (a part of) climate change is as easy as planting trees!

Solving the Environmental Crisis — Together

However, in order to be carbon neutral, the USA would have to plant over 50 billion trees over the next thirty years. That might sound like a lot, but it’s not impossible! If each of us contributes at least a bit, we can make it happen.

But it’s not like you can go out and plant a tree willy-nilly, right? Where would you even plant it? Well, thanks to UNIQAT, you don’t have to venture into the countryside fields with a shovel in one hand and a tree sapling in the other, in search of a perfect place to (stealthily) plant a tree.

All our clients can donate $10,00 (or more) with each purchase to have a tree planted in their name. It’s our way of helping you give back to nature.

A Tree With Your Name On It

UNIQAT — both the idea and the drive behind the company as well as the craftsmanship — stems from European, Mediterranean Sea region. It’s also where all our high-quality materials come from. That’s why we decided that that would be the place where we give back to nature what we repeatedly take from it.

In the Mediterranean region, UNIQAT has dedicated land where we fight deforestation one sapling at a time. That’s also where we’ll plant a tree for each donation you make along with your purchase. The entirety of your donation will be used for purchasing and planting of saplings as well as later necessary maintenance.

But the best part is that each tree you donate will have your name on it. So not only will we be planting trees IN your name, but we’ll also be planting trees WITH your name. That way, you’ll know for sure that your money went to good use. Plus, who knows? Maybe one day, you even visit your trees and see the impact you had on our environment in person! :) 

Hopefully, our Green Mission of Sustainability and our efforts to help stop deforestation will help us make a real difference. Planting trees isn’t just about having future materials. It’s also about sustaining the local eco-systems and providing dwellings for local flora and fauna.

It’s about leaving this planet in a better state than it was when we got here. All we have to do to accomplish that is work together!