UNIQAT — Affordable Luxury Sofas & Chairs

Today, you can practically buy furniture on every corner. What’s more, you can get it at virtually any price. So, you might be wondering why even opt for bespoke furniture. Surely something mass-produced is easier to get your hands on, right?
Although that’s true, mass-produced furniture can never have the same value or quality that bespoke furniture does. But that begs the question — Doesn’t that make bespoke furniture a pricy luxury?
With UNIQAT, it isn’t. Our mission is to craft bespoke furniture that perfectly fits each customer’s style, vision, and space without breaking the budget. 


UNIQAT is your choice to create a beautiful modern space.

Since launching in 2019, we've made it our mission to make a beautiful designed, well-priced and long-lasting furniture. We work directly with our manufacturers from the Adriatic region to produce unique, durable pieces using only high-quality materials. This direct relationship means we can bring you beautiful modern furniture at superior value.