Interior Design Services

If you have a passion for design, there’s no one out there who better understands you than UNIQAT. We’re simply obsessed with custom design and creating new pieces for every client.

And, because we understand that, although many share our love of design, it’s still something that’s uniquely personal to each of our clients, we’ve designed our Interior Design Services.

With our Interior Design Team, you’ll be able to create thousands of different final looks for your space. You will get to see how each of the pieces we could create based on your vision would fit into your space.

What’s more, you’ll also get a helping hand. Design is our passion, just like it is yours, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Sifting through styles, options, and variations of furniture pieces is not an easy task. However, at UNIQAT, you don’t have to do it alone. 


Interior Design Services — Design Tailored to Every Customer

Creating a bespoke piece of furniture for all our clients starts with one simple step — vision sharing. Our interior design team will first ask you about your vision. What do you need? How do you envision the perfect piece of furniture? Do you even know what you want? 

It doesn’t matter if you know the answers to these questions. Either way, our team will be there to guide you on your journey. You’ll work together to the end goal of getting that perfect piece of custom-made furniture. Together with them, you’ll envision and design your bespoke piece of furniture. Our designers will help you crystalize your vision, if you have it, or show you which ideas and styles might be a good fit for you. 

3D Visualization — Because You Have to See It To Get It

Our main goal is for our clients to get exactly what they need. Client satisfaction is a driving force for us. That’s why the UNIQAT interior designer team offers the 3D Visualization Service. 

This service is a fun, interactive program that allows you to instantly see how a specific shape, design, or finished piece of furniture would fit into your space. 

Even if you’re completely sure of what you want and you have a clear vision in your head, imagining the finished piece of furniture in your space is no easy task. That’s why our 3D Visualization program is there to help. It allows you to test out different styles and pieces in your space. What’s more, it allows you to do so while sitting comfortably in our office. No more hauling furniture around or squinting your eyes at corners pretending something is there when it isn’t!

Functionality and Transparency

3D Visualization is a simple process. It starts with measuring your space and inputting the precise measures into our program. Once we’ve done that, we can create a 3D representation of your home in our program and play around in it. 

There really is no better way to try out something new. Are you wondering how a bold colour would go with your walls? Our 3D program will let you know! Perhaps you’re thinking of trying out an unusual shape? No problem, our interior design team will show you what it would look like in your house. 

It’s a no-risk exercise that aims to make it easier for you not only to envision our pieces in your space but also to make some executive decisions.

Together with our talented Interior Design team, you’ll be able to play around but also pick the perfect stylish and utterly functional pieces for your space.