Ideal for lovers of the simple, classical look, the DAISY sofa is compact and versatile. With armrests that you can easily reposition and a deep seating area, it makes a perfect living room or office sofa.


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Ideal for lovers of the simple, classical look, the DAISY sofa is compact and versatile. With armrests that you can easily reposition and a deep seating area, it makes a perfect living room or office sofa. Originally a royal-purple wonder, the DAISY sofa is a staple piece of the UNIQAT collection because it’s effortlessly luxurious while also being adaptable and versatile.

DAISY is a two or three-seater sofa that you can shape in any way you see fit. One of the most significant selling points of this modular sofa is that it’s simultaneously compact and modifiable. The dried beech wood construction is sturdy, which means that the DAISY sofa is made to last. However, it’s also light, so it won’t break your back while you move it around, trying to find the perfect spot for it in your space. 

The raw materials used to produce a stellar piece like the DAISY sofa are high-quality, easy to maintain, and long-lasting. UNIQAT did everything possible to ensure that getting your tailor-made furniture piece means you’ll be getting a life-long companion.

The customisability of the DAISY sofa is also something that makes it exceptional. When you click on the “Customise It” button at the top of the page, you’ll see that the DAISY sofa comes in three different lengths. That makes it an optimal choice for pretty much everyone, no matter the space you have available. Of course, the DAISY sofa has much more to offer in terms of versatility.

The Classic, Unobtrusive Shape

The inspiration for the DAISY sofa came from the time-honoured classic sofa shape. The large seating area and the comfortable back cushions give the sofa a well-rounded look. 

However, here at UNIQAT, we’re all about creating unique pieces that stand out in the crowd. That’s how we got our name, and that’s the general approach we take whenever we’re creating furniture pieces. 

Thus, even though the DAISY sofa does have those classical, elegant round lines and an overall timeless appearance, we gave it a twist or two in order to keep it UNIQAT-style unique. 

Compact And Adaptable

Even though the DAISY sofa has quite a bit of room, no matter which length you opt for, it’s still quite compact. Although we wouldn’t classify it as a small sofa, it’s still small enough to fit into average-sized rooms. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have what it takes to become a focal point of huge spaces.

That’s one of the best things about the DAISY sofa. It’s adaptable. Thanks to its general design, it can both fit in beautifully with other furniture and be the star of the space as a stand-alone piece. 

With Adjustable, Versatile Armrests

Although timeless elegance was the guiding idea behind the DAISY sofa design, we still had to give it a modern twist. That’s why the armrests, which are on their own remarkable, got a feature that makes them even more convenient. 

As you can see in the pictures above, the DAISY sofa armrests have several different positions. These transform not only the overall look of the piece but also its usability. By dropping the armrests, you can make the sofa even bigger. That way, it can easily transform into a relax sofa or even a small sofabed (if you’re willing to twist your definition of the word). 

By repositioning the armrests, you can also give the sofa a bit of flair. Although there’s nothing wrong with keeping things classical, a bit of pizzazz is never a bad thing, especially if you have a big space.

Timelessness Stems From Versatility

Aside from having a classic look, the DAISY sofa is also timeless. However, it’s not just its shape that makes it so. In fact, the shape only facilitates the actual feature that contributes to the timelessness, and that is versatility. 

DAISY is a modular sofa. That means it’s made out of stand-alone pieces that you can move around and arrange any way you see fit. In the case of the DAISY sofa, you’re able to configure a sofa that’s not only to your taste, but also that fits seamlessly into the space you have available.

Handcrafted and Tailored To Your Tastes

Here at UNIQAT, we handcraft all our pieces and tailor them specifically to our clients’ needs. That’s why all our sofas are actually two or three-in-one products. With a wide range of options for you to choose from, you’ll be able to get the sofa you want (and deserve). All you have to do is pick, and we’ll create the perfect piece for you.

The tailored aspect of our approach to business is something we’re immensely proud of. That’s especially true when it comes to modular sofas like the DAISY sofa. By picking out the modules you want to be included, you can turn your regular two-seater Daisy into a three-seater sofa or even a corner sofa.

The Two-Seater DAISY Sofa

As you can see in our Customize It menu, the DAISY sofa comes in three different sizes. What sets each one apart from the next is the total length of the seating area. There’s the 154/194 cm long sofa, the 174/214 cm long sofa, and the 194/234 cm long sofa.

The original DAISY sofa is a two-seater, which has 154 cm in length. By dropping the armrests, you can gain an additional 40cm, thus making your sofa 194 cm long. The overall height of the sofa is 84cm, while the height of the seat is 44cm. The seat depth is a woderous 52 cm, making the entire sofa 89 cm deep. That’s quite a lot of space for anyone, which makes this sofa both stylish and comfortable.

The basic module of the DAISY sofa, module 12, is the single-seat version of the sofa. It’s 67 cm long (107 with dropped armrests), and 89 cm deep. The other modules come in four categories:

  • The 154/194 cm category
  • The 174/214 cm category
  • The 194/234 cm category
  • And the stand-alone category

Arranging the Modules

In the first category, there are three different modules:

  • 21, a left-end piece, which is 147/167 cm long
  • 22, a standard two-seater DAISY sofa that is 154/194 cm long
  • 23, a right-end piece, which is the same in size as module 21

All three modules in this category can be combined both with each other and with the pieces from other categories.

The Three-Seater Daisy Sofa

As you’ve probably guessed, there are two different versions of the three-seater DAISY sofa. You can pick the one that’s 174 cm long or the one that’s 20 cm longer. Either way, you’ll have several modules at your disposal:

  • 271, which is a corresponding piece of module 21, just with 167/187 cm in length
  • 272, which is a standard 174/214 cm long three-seater sofa
  • 273, which is a corresponding piece of module 23, so a right-end piece

These modules are easy to combine with modules from the previous group. The fact that you have end and middle pieces of different lengths at your disposal means that you can craft a sofa that’s the exact right size you need. 

And, if you need something even bigger, then you can opt for the longest version of the DAISY sofa, the extra-long three-seater. The modules that you’ll want to pick in that case are:

  • 31, another left-end piece that’s 187/207 cm long
  • 32, a standard, extra-long three-seater DAISY sofa that’s 194/234 cm long 
  • 33, a right-end piece that’s also 187/207 cm long, just like module 31

Since the DAISY sofa has end-pieces, it’s fairly easy to turn it into a corner sofa or morph it into a small sofa. You can pretty much do with it as you please (which is one of its greatest features).

The Corner DAISY Sofa

Creating a perfect DAISY corner sofa is fairly easy. By combining the modules from the first three categories, you can shape a corner or even the U-shaped sofa of your dreams. However, to do so, you’ll need to combine modules from the previous three categories with the stand-alone pieces. Those are:

  • Module 71, a left-corner piece that’s 77/97 cm long and 153 cm deep
  • Module 73, a right-corner piece that’s identical to module 71 but a better fit for those looking for right-corner sofas.

The Dazzling DAISY Collection

Of course, the DAISY sofa is stunning as a stand-alone furniture piece because it can easily become your new focal point for the space you picked for it. However, that doesn’t mean it’s lonely. The DAISY sofa is actually a part of the DAISY collection that includes:

  • a standard two-seater sofa (the original DAISY)
  • the shorter three-seater sofa
  • the extra long three-seater sofa
  • an armchair 
  • a footstool

All five pieces from the collection work wonderfully together but will blend into your space in an effortless way. The classic elegance spans the entire collection, which means that even if you opt for a sofa and an armchair (or two sofas and a footstool, or any other combination of furniture pieces), you’ll still be able to make them work with the rest of your furniture.

Designed By Our Team For Your Comfort

The DAISY collection was inspired by comfort and style. The design team made sure that you have a spectacular modular sofa before you that offers both versatility and flair. Modular sofas are not the easiest thing to design, given that you have to ensure they look good no matter which arrangement of modules the client opts for. That’s why the DAISY sofa is both special and unique. 

With so many modules to choose from, it might seem difficult to make the right choice. However, that’s why the UNIQAT team ensured that no matter what, your DAISY sofa will look classic, timeless, and chic.

A Vast Selection of Materials

Aside from picking the right configuration of your DAISY sofa, you also have to pick the right material for it. As far as the raw material is concerned, the DAISY sofa has a dried beech supporting structure. It comes with a 16 mm thick chipboard and 18 mm thick plywood. The supporting structure also includes cardboard.

As far as filling materials go, the DAISY sofa has a combo of regular and high-elasticity HR foam in its cushions, as well as coil springs, fleece, and thermal bonded cotton batting. The armrests sport the same materials, except they also have elastic rubber bands in them.

Of course, these materials aren’t exactly optional. However, those that contribute to the overall appearance of the DAISY sofa are. You can pick the ideal material and colour for your DAISY sofa from our huge selection of materials

Because we take versatility and uniqueness seriously, we strive to offer the biggest selection of materials possible and we’re always ready to work with our clients in order to ensure they get the perfect tailor-made piece of furniture they always wanted.

Magnificent Wood Selection

Just like with fabric materials and colours, we also offer a pretty significant selection of wood. You can opt for standard dried beech wooden legs for your DAISY sofa or you can opt for more modern-looking chrome legs.

Of course, if shiny chrome isn’t your thing, you can pick between:

  • Black legs, that will give your DAISY sofa a bit of flair and make it stand out more.
  • Brown legs that are a more natural colour, which will ensure your sofa is a natural fit in your space.

No matter which legs you opt for, they’ll be made out of beech wood and then stained and varnished. Of course, that’s unless you opt for the shiny chrome.

UNIQAT Sofas — Modern Sofas for Unique Living

In UNIQAT, both style and comfort are of the greatest importance. However, when it comes to designing and handcrafting furniture pieces, uniqueness and the hand-made aspect is what we’re all about. We strive to provide luxurious yet obtainable pieces that aren’t like anything that you could get in a regular store that deals mass-produced furniture.


All our pieces are tailor-made, which means that we only make pieces once our customers place orders for them. We don’t stock up or pre-make anything. Nothing in the UNIQAT European factory or our London, Chesham, and Amersham showrooms is pre-made.


Our pieces are made to be usable. We strive to make furniture that stands out but shy away from designs that are only meant to look good. Instead, we manage to find the perfect harmony between style and comfort.


Even though our pieces are tailor-made, you won’t be waiting for them long. UNIQAT has fast lead times, which means you’ll be able to enjoy your new sofa in a matter of weeks. We’re fast, reliable, and, above all, dedicated to making your furniture dreams come true!

daisy collection customisation chart


All deliveries within the UK mainland are carried out by our very own experienced transport team from UNIQAT. As part of our exceptional service, a helpful two man team will position your new furniture in exactly the spot you'd like it to be within your home.

They'll also give you time to inspect your shiny new furniture and make sure you're happy with everything, before shaking hands and bidding you farewell.

Our Delivery Service Charges are:

£40 for all UK Mainland Orders under £400*

£80 for all UK Mainland Orders over £400*

* Please note deliveries to remote Scottish regions may incur an additional delivery charge. For further details, please contact us on 01494 793 515 and we'll tell you all you need to know.

As our delivery lead time can vary at certain times throughout the year, for our up-to-date lead time please contact us on 01494 793 515 or via email If you've got a specific time frame in mind, such as working around the decorators or desperately needing it for a family gathering, then give us a call on 01494 793 515 and we'll do our very best to deliver your new furniture, when you need it.

A big sofa needs a large doorway! If you think entry into your property and rooms could be tricky, we strongly advise you to contact our Transport Department on 01494 793 515 to discuss access arrangements. 


Here at UNIQAT, we want you to be able to enjoy your new furniture at the earliest date possible, so we aim to deliver as quickly as we can. As all of our furniture is made to order and made from scratch using your material choices, we work very hard to keep lead times down to a minimum. We are currently working wth lead time of 5-8 weeks depnding on order size and specification of items. You can always keep track of your order and when it will arrive by emailing us at with your order number.

We will always try our best to accommodate any particular needs you may have. Should you have a timeframe in mind or require delivery in irregular circumstances (such as a house move), let us know in advance and we will certainly try our utmost to meet any requirements when we come to finalise your furniture’s delivery date. You can always chat to our helpful team, who will be happy to talk you through the various options that are available.


Before we deliver your sofa, it would be much appreciated if you could ensure there is a clear route to your home, so our team can transport your new piece of furniture inside safely and conveniently. It's also a good idea to measure everything up, so you know your sofa's going to fit perfectly in its new home. This will help us to make sure your furniture reaches its new home in perfect condition with no risk of damage to your property, and that you're happy with everything. Also, if there are any factors that may impact our delivery, like parking difficulties or if your flat is above ground level, it’s best to let us know in advance.

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