Ideal for minimalists who refuse to sacrifice practicality or flair, the ARCO sofa has an extendable seating area which transforms it into a relax sofa in just a couple of seconds.


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Ideal for minimalists who refuse to sacrifice practicality or flair, the ARCO sofa has an extendable seating area which transforms it into a relax sofa in just a couple of seconds.

A fresh, clean-line sofa that looks modern and stylish while also having a dash of that swinging sixties spirit — that’s what the essence of the ARCO sofa is. Made out of solid oak, ARCO can withstand practically anything. With extra comfortable leather cushions and seating, the ARCO sofa fits well into any space. Its rectangular shape with sharp lines make it a stand-out piece, while the hidden motor adds another layer of functionality. 

A sofa that’s handcrafted specifically for you and that can be both a two and a three-seater sofa, the ARCO piece is stunning. Its appeal goes far beyond just the utilitarian, given that the UNIQAT team also offers complete customisation of the ARCO sofa.

Minimalistic In Appearance, Maximalistic In Functionality

What would have been a modern, futuristic design back in the sixties, which undoubtedly had a hand in the inspiration for this piece, is now a retro-inspired or a retro-modern look. The ARCO sofa’s sharp edges and sturdy, unembellished solid oak body will appeal to any minimalist’s eye. 

However, even the most hard-core maximalists among us will recognize ARCO’s potential to be the star piece of any furniture collection. Decadent leather and full wood body are both luxurious and down-to-earth, which is a rare combination to accomplish.

Aside from being a looker, the ARCO sofa was also created to be as functional as possible. All UNIQAT pieces that are custom-made for our clients emphasize the practicality of design. The overall appearance of a two-seater or a three-seater sofa, which can be nothing short of fantastic, isn’t enough for a piece to become a part of the permanent UNIQAT sofa collection.

That’s why, when it came to designing the ARCO sofa, the approach to practical use was a maximalist one. It wasn’t enough to make a small sofa that can only serve as a seating area for two or three people. No, the UNIQAT team had to make something that was practical in more ways than one.

Motorized Seating, For Comfort and Practicality

In order to make this sofa as useful as possible, the UNIQAT team ensured that it has many layers of use. That’s why the ARCO sofa has a special hidden motor that can transform it from a regular boring sofa into a sleeping bed or a relax sofa. 

The mechanism itself is small and inconspicuous. However, it holds great power as it allows the seating area to add 16 extra centimetres to its overall length. Now, even though that might not seem like much, 16 centimetres can make a difference between sitting down and lounging as well as between an uncomfortable and heavenly sleep. 

A Fresh Design and Luxurious Features

Since UNIQAT is the epitome of effortless luxury, we strive that all our pieces reflect that. The ARCO sofa is no different. The borderline hedonistic leather fabric combined with the light and fluffy feather filling and full oak body make this small sofa bed extravagant and impressive.

The ARCO Sofa: A Wonder of Versatility

The ARCO sofa will fit easily into your space and life. It’s adaptable when it comes to both size and shape and very versatile when it comes to style. Although originally a two-seater sofa with leather fabric and a light oak body, the ARCO sofa can actually be whatever you need it to be. 

That’s one of the beauties of the ARCO pieces. They are versatile and adaptable, which is evident by the inclusion of the motorized function that extends and transforms the seating area into a sleeping or relaxing one.

Although not entirely modular, the ARCO sofa has the most important features of a modular sofa. It can adapt to your design and space needs (and capabilities). 

What’s Your Ideal ARCO Sofa? 

ARCO sofa doesn’t have any modules that you can independently move around. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have options. In fact, it doesn’t even mean you don’t have modules either. 

The ARCO sofa can either be a two-seater sofa or a three-seater sofa. Which option you pick depends on the style and size preferences, as well as the available space.

The entire structure of this sofa is made out of dried beech oak as well as other materials, such as plywood and cardboard. The majority of the sofa’s frame is made out of solid oak, so it’s sturdy and durable. 

The seating has coil springs and either foam RG30 in it or soft, fluffy feathers, while the backrests have ergonomic foam. Both the seating and the backrests have thermally bonded cotton batting.

Two-Seater Sofa

The original ARCO sofa is a two-seater small sofa. It’s 71 cm high, while it has a total length of 190 cm. The seat depth is 96 cm until you hit that magical motor power button and extend it by an additional 16 cm. 

However, it’s important to note that the ARCO sofa is still a modular sofa. That means that it has standard components that you can mix and match to a certain extent. In the ARCO’s case, those components are:

  • Module 12 is a standard one-seat module (or the armchair) that is 106 cm long and 96 cm deep.
  • Module 22 is a standard two-seater sofa that is 191 cm long and 96 cm deep. This module doesn’t include an extension mechanism.
  • Module 202 is an upgraded module 22 that includes a motor which can extend the depth of the seating for an additional 16 cm. 

Aside from these, the ARCO sofa also includes stand-alone modules:

  • Module 80, an accompanying ARCO footstool.
  • Module 190, which is a feather-filled cushion that compliments the seating and backrest cushions.

Although you can’t mix and match the modules as you could with some other UNIQAT pieces, the ARCO design still allows you plenty of versatility. You can opt for a motorless or a motor-powered version of the ARCo sofa and pick and choose between stand-alone modules that would go with your chosen sofa.

Three-Seater Sofa

If you’re a person who likes to relax in style and has plenty of space to do so, then you might like the three-seater ARCO sofa. It creates more space for you without compromising the minimalistic appearance of the piece. One of the main features of modern sofas is that they adapt to you and the space you have available (and not the other way around), which is something that the ARCO sofa excels at.

Creating the three-seater sofa is just a matter of picking a longer seating area in the Customisation menu on the ARCO sofa page. That way, you’ll get 230 cm of lounging area.

The three-seater version of the ARCO sofa comes in two modules:

  • Module 32, which is a 230 cm long and 96 cm deep ARCO sofa without a motor mechanism.
  • Module 302, which is a 230 cm long and 96 cm deep ARCO sofa that comes with a motor that can extend your seating area by 16 cm.

The Wonderful ARCO Collection

The ARCO sofa was such a wonderful brain baby of our R&D team that we simply had to create some gorgeous pieces to go along with it. So, if you’d like your living room or office to be dominated by clean ARCO lines, you can also opt for an ARCO:

  • armchair
  • footstool

All ARCO pieces were designed by a stellar in-house design team that did their best to balance comfort and style. Created with love and pragmatism in mind, the ARCO collection quickly became a synonym for extravagant minimalism. Doing their best to make the two terms come together and work in harmony, the design team created something exceptional that is a perfect example of self-indulgence.

A sofa created both for relaxing and to be a focal point of your space, the ARCO sofa is a perfect fit for pretty much anyone. 

As far as modular sofas go, it’s not the most versatile, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a lot to offer. Even though you might be limited in the number of modules you can choose from, you can still completely customise your ARCO sofa and its overall appearance.

A Heavenly Choice of Materials

Because we strive to provide you with exactly what you need, we offer a massive selection of not only colours and patterns but also types of materials. If you’ve always dreamed of a modular sofa that has a built-in mechanism that can extend it and turn it into a relax sofa, but never imagined it to be leather, don’t worry; you can pick among dozens of available materials in our selection

Although the original design of the ARCO sofa was a beautiful cream leather fabric combined with the light oak frame and legs, you can opt for any other material from our selection that you prefer.

Because UNIQAT is synonymous with versatility and customisation and because we make custom-made pieces for all our clients, we can help you pick the best, most specific shade or material for the ARCO sofa of your dreams.

Combines Beautifully With Six Wood Options

If light solid oak isn’t really calling your name (or perhaps clashes with the rest of your furniture), rest easy. You can pick between six different wood options for the frame and the legs of your ARCO sofa. 

No matter whether you opted for the three or the two-seater sofa, you can take your pick between:

  • Black legs which will complement your other dark furniture pieces beautifully and still steal the attention.
  • Cherry legs, for those of you who appreciate a bit of red hue in your wood.
  • Mahogany legs; a staple colour that pairs beautifully with any of the material types and colours from our selection.
  • Natural legs, which won’t bring the eye away from the sofa cushions.
  • Dark walnut legs; for those who can’t really commit to black wood.
  • Walnut legs; walnut is the easiest, most natural colour to work with.

UNIQAT Sofas — Create Your Perfect Sofa With Us

The UNIQAT team has spent quite a few years to see its mission brought to life: affordable, custom-made pieces of furniture in as many homes in Chesham, Amersham, Beaconsfield, and beyond. Creating pieces explicitly so they fit a specific customer’s wants and needs is no easy task, but it’s what UNIQAT is all about. After all, it’s what inspired our name!

Unique Pieces

The two pillars of our business are that we don’t believe in mass production but do believe that functional furniture can also be stylish and comfortable. Everything we create, we do so specifically for our clients. Nothing is pre-made, which is why we can offer the level of versatility and customisation that we do. 

Style That Doesn’t Compromise Comfort

UNIQAT’s speciality is balancing comfort and flair. Each one of our pieces is carefully and meticulously designed, so it’s both beautiful and worth your time and money. The balancing act isn’t always an easy one, but we manage to do it while maintaining a certain level of sophistication that we’re proud of.

Fast Turnaround Times

Here at UNIQAT, we don’t dilly-dally. We offer surprisingly fast turnaround times and can deliver your custom-made small sofa or corner sofa (or whatever you choose, really!) in a matter of weeks. Together with our exclusive suppliers, in-house staff, as well as our colleagues from our European factory and warehouses, we will ensure you don’t wait for your dream sofa for long!

arco collection customisation chart


All deliveries within the UK mainland are carried out by our very own experienced transport team from UNIQAT. As part of our exceptional service, a helpful two man team will position your new furniture in exactly the spot you'd like it to be within your home.

They'll also give you time to inspect your shiny new furniture and make sure you're happy with everything, before shaking hands and bidding you farewell.

Our Delivery Service Charges are:

£40 for all UK Mainland Orders under £400*

£80 for all UK Mainland Orders over £400*

* Please note deliveries to remote Scottish regions may incur an additional delivery charge. For further details, please contact us on 01494 793 515 and we'll tell you all you need to know.

As our delivery lead time can vary at certain times throughout the year, for our up-to-date lead time please contact us on 01494 793 515 or via email If you've got a specific time frame in mind, such as working around the decorators or desperately needing it for a family gathering, then give us a call on 01494 793 515 and we'll do our very best to deliver your new furniture, when you need it.

A big sofa needs a large doorway! If you think entry into your property and rooms could be tricky, we strongly advise you to contact our Transport Department on 01494 793 515 to discuss access arrangements. 


Here at UNIQAT, we want you to be able to enjoy your new furniture at the earliest date possible, so we aim to deliver as quickly as we can. As all of our furniture is made to order and made from scratch using your material choices, we work very hard to keep lead times down to a minimum. We are currently working wth lead time of 5-8 weeks depnding on order size and specification of items. You can always keep track of your order and when it will arrive by emailing us at with your order number.

We will always try our best to accommodate any particular needs you may have. Should you have a timeframe in mind or require delivery in irregular circumstances (such as a house move), let us know in advance and we will certainly try our utmost to meet any requirements when we come to finalise your furniture’s delivery date. You can always chat to our helpful team, who will be happy to talk you through the various options that are available.


Before we deliver your sofa, it would be much appreciated if you could ensure there is a clear route to your home, so our team can transport your new piece of furniture inside safely and conveniently. It's also a good idea to measure everything up, so you know your sofa's going to fit perfectly in its new home. This will help us to make sure your furniture reaches its new home in perfect condition with no risk of damage to your property, and that you're happy with everything. Also, if there are any factors that may impact our delivery, like parking difficulties or if your flat is above ground level, it’s best to let us know in advance.

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