Aino Sofa Basic
Aino Sofa Basic
Aino Sofa Basic
Aino Sofa Basic
Aino Sofa Basic
Aino Sofa Basic
Aino Sofa Basic
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A bonafide trifecta — circular, comfortable, and customisable — AINO modular sofa has deep seats, comfy padding, and stylish two-colour cushions.


Customize it

In a true UNIQAT spirit, the AINO sofa is not only unique but also customisable. This circular sofa is reminiscent of the whimsical retro style while still having a fresh, modern design. 

Originally a two-seat sofa, the AINO sofa has a dried beech construction, which makes it sturdy yet light. Unlike other, mass-produced pieces of furniture, it’s made thanks to excellent craftsmanship. Therefore, it will last practically a lifetime. The oak legs that support the sofa complement the appearance and the style of the entire construction.

AINO sofa is also versatile. As you can see at the top of the page, there’s a “Customise It” button right next to the images of the gorgeous AINO sofa. When you click on it, you’ll see that this two-seater sofa can easily be transformed into a three-seater sofa, a small corner sofa, or even a big L shape sofa. Modular in design, the AINO sofa can adapt to your needs, be they of functional or stylistic nature.

Some of the best-selling features of this sofa are the overall style and functionality. AINO has quite a deep seating which makes the sofa not only comfy but also eye-catching. It’s definitely a piece of furniture that can easily become a focal point of a room. The deep seating with comfortable cushions makes AINO sofa the ideal piece of furniture both for the living room and the office.

Chic And Custom-Made

Each AINO sofa that comes out of the UNIQAT warehouse is custom-made. We make all pieces of furniture exclusively for our clients. Our core belief is that everyone deserves a unique piece of furniture (hence the name of our company) that is not only modern but also made to last. 

AINO sofas are chic and modern while also paying homage to times past. The circular design is heavily inspired by mid-century furniture style but upgraded. As a result, this gorgeous blue sofa (that can easily become a velvet sofa or a leather sofa with just one click of a button) has all the benefits of mid-century furniture without any of the drawbacks.

Vintage In Spirit, Modern In Design

Although the style of this two or three-seater is the central point, the most vital feature of the AINO sofa is its functionality. Because it is a modular sofa, it can easily fit into any type of space. That’s why it’s only vintage in spirit. Unlike its mid-century counterparts, it’s versatile and adaptable. 

So, this modular sofa is a perfect fit for both your living room and the office or sitting room. The deep cushions allow multiple people to sit on it and enjoy various activities, and it’s even comfy enough for a mid-day nap or two! 

With Decorative Two-Colour Cushions

aino collection cushions

If you’re looking for the perfect two-seater sofa or a small corner sofa that won’t take up much room but will serve your needs right, then the AINO sofa is the right pick for you. A solid colour fabric (that comes in a range of colours and shades, as well as materials) will go perfectly with your existing furniture, while the two-colour decorative cushion will break the monotony and breathe a bit of playful life into the room.

Handcrafted For You —  Create Your Perfect AINO Sofa 

AINO sofa is the ultimate modular sofa. Modular sofas are the ideal solution for any space because you can shape and combine them in any way you see fit (or in any way you can fit them in your space). 

Unlike a regular sofa, a modular sofa is versatile as its made up of modules. Each module is a self-standing, movable section that can be combined with other modules to create the perfect two or three-seater sofa or a corner sofa. 

AINO Modular Sofa — Endless Possibilities

The AINO sofa has one standard size, which has a total height of 74cm, seat height of 41cm, and seat depth of 65cm. However, thanks to the module availability, you can combine different modules to your liking a create:

  • two seater sofa
  • three seater sofa
  • a small corner sofa
  • a large corner sofa
  • an armchair

You can also combine the modules to create a bigger sofa (or a four-seater). 

The Two-Seater AINO Sofa

The basic two-seater AINO sofa comes in two sizes. There’s a 180cm long sofa and the 200cm long sofa. However, there are three different categories of modules (or sections) that you can combine to create your perfect piece of furniture. 

The basic module for the AINO sofa is 103cm long and 99cm deep. The first category or modules 20, 21, 22, and 23. As you can see in the picture below, module 22 is the basic 180cm long AINO sofa. The rest of the modules in that category are customisable or, better said, can be paired with other modules. 

  • Module 20 is a middle module that is 121cm long and 104cm deep
  • Module 21 is a left-end module that is 151cm long and 104cm deep
  • Module 23 is a right-end module of the same size as module 21

These modules are easily combined with other modules of the same or the following category:

  • Module 270, which is a longer version of module 20, with 142cm in length
  • Module 271, which is the longer version of module 21, with 171cm in length
  • Module 273, which is the longer version of module 23 with the same length as module 271

Module 272, which also belongs in this category, is the basic AINO three-seater sofa, with 200cm in length.

The third category of modules are the binding or stand-alone pieces. 

  • Module 90 is a middle corner piece with 104cm in depth
  • Module 71 is a left-corner piece that’s 164cm deep and 100cm long, while module 73 is its right-corner counterpart
  • Module 80 is a stand-alone piece which is a gorgeous footstool that can complement but also transform your AINO sofa.

If you’re looking to get an AINO two-seater, then you can either opt for module 22 or module 272. If, however, you want a bigger or more versatile AINO sofa, then you’ll need to combine different modules.

The Three Seater AINO Sofa

Modern sofas are often more adaptable and functional than you’d be able to guess at first sight. The AINO three-seater sofa is just like that. Its functionality is unprecedented, especially considering how many options you have at your disposal to create the perfect sofa for your space.

The three-seater AINO can come to life if you combine modules 21 and 23 or modules 271 and 273. Generally speaking, module 272 is also a three-seater since it’s long enough to seat three people. 

Of course, the AINO capabilities don’t stop there.

The Corner AINO Sofa

One of the best features of the AINO sofa is that it can transform into a small corner sofa. All you really have to do is combine the basic modules with the left or right-corner piece. However, you can also go a step further and make your AINO sofa even bigger. 

Thanks to the middle corner piece, module 90, you can even shape your AINO sofa into a U-shaped sofa. If an L-shaped sofa simply isn’t big enough for your space or you want to have a sofa that’s both stylish and capable of seating your entire family, then you can opt for the U-shaped wonder!

Opting for a big or small corner sofa or a U-shaped sofa will bring out the circular design of the AINO sofa even more and make it a truly one-of-a-kind, stand-out piece of furniture!

The AINO Collection

The AINO sofa, although superb in both design and functionality, is not a solitary piece of furniture. It is a part of the AINO collection. All the pieces in this collection work together in harmony but can be bought and used as stand-alone pieces. Although they will compliment each other, you don’t have to have the entire set in order to make the AINO piece of your choosing the new focal point for your space.

Aside from the basic two or three-seater AINO sofa, the AINO collection also includes:

  • a corner sofa
  • an armchair
  • a footstool

As mentioned, the vital part of the UNIQAT design is versatility. The modular AINO pieces 12 and 80 are stand-alone pieces that function as an armchair and a footstool. Those can either transform your sofa, since the footstool can be used to create a makeshift corner sofa, or simply be an addition to your new gorgeous living room or office set.

Designed By Timo Nau, For Your Comfort 

The AINO pieces are the result of perfect harmony between comfort and style. They are the brain baby of designer Timo Nau, an interior designer from Lintz, Austria. All the AINO pieces have specific features that set them apart from others. 

The deep seating that makes the AINO sofa stand out contributes to the sofa’s retro design while also making it more comfortable. That means it isn’t one of those waiting room sofas that are meant to be sat at for a few minutes at a time. 

The AINO pieces have a dried beech frame that can support more than enough weight without bending. Coupled with the seating structure, which consists of high-elasticity HR foam in the seating pads and ergonomic GR foam in the backrest, the AINO sofa will embrace and cushion your body in a heavenly way. Both the seating pads and the backrest also have 200 grams of thermal bonded felt, and the seating pads have coil springs. Overall, these materials create a structure that’s soft and bouncy enough for comfortable sitting without making it too delicate and mushy.

A Wide Colour And Material Selection

One of the better features of all UNIQAT sofas and especially the AINO sofa is that you can choose between a wide range of both materials and colours. 

The original AINO sofa comes in the soft, pastel baby blue colour that’s both eye-catching and easy to maintain. However, if that’s not really your style or clashes with your existing furniture and colour scheme, you can pick one out of the 15 available colours (five Nabucco shades, five Bianca shades, and five Flavia shades).

Of course, you can also take your pick between the numerous colours that UNIQAT has in the colour and material selection. Since the AINO collection was designed with your needs (and wants) in mind, it’s completely adaptable when it comes to materials. If a leather sofa is more your speed (compared with the standard fabric sofa), you can opt for one of many of our leather materials. Similarly, if you’ve always dreamed of owning a dashing velvet sofa, UNIQAT will gladly deliver, and you can even pick the shade that works best for you!

Six Different Wood Options

Just like you can pick the fabric of your AINO sofa, you can also pick the material for the legs. Originally, the AINO sofa comes with sturdy, gorgeous oak legs. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to opt for that version. 

Whether you prefer dark or light wood, a glossy or matte finish, UNIQAT has a leg option for you. In our selection, there are six main leg options to choose from:

  • black legs, which go amazingly with darker fabrics and make a striking contrast with the light fabrics
  • cherry legs, which have a deep red undertone that will complement many fabrics from our selection
  • natural legs, which are gorgeous yet unobtrusive
  • walnut legs, which have a brown undertone that’s easy to match with other furniture pieces
  • dark walnut legs, which are a more natural version of black legs
  • standard oak legs, originally picked for their versatility and ease of colour matching.

UNIQAT Sofas — Modern Sofas for Unique Living

UNIQAT furniture exudes the spirit of effortless luxury. Here at the UNIQAT headquarters, we’re firm believers that custom-made furniture should be not only stylish but also functional and affordable. Our modern sofas are designed to last forever, which means they are a lifetime investment. That’s the spirit in which we make and sell them. Our furniture is more than just something you can sit on; it’s made to be your companion, to embellish your living areas, and make your life easier.

Unique And Custom-Made

Our custom-made approach to design is what inspired not only the way we conceived our company but also our company name. Each piece of furniture was designed to stand out and be functional. 

We don’t mass produce because we believe in a personal approach with each of our clients. That’s why everything that comes out of the UNIQAT European factory and warehouse and into your home is custom-made for you.

Fast Lead Times

We know that, to most people and furniture companies, custom-made is synonymous with long wait times. However, thanks to the exceptional craftsmanship and overall stellar organisation of the UNIQAT team, our lead times measure in weeks, not months. So you can receive your custom order AINO sofa in just a few weeks!

aino sofa customization chart


All deliveries within the UK mainland are carried out by our very own experienced transport team from UNIQAT. As part of our exceptional service, a helpful two man team will position your new furniture in exactly the spot you'd like it to be within your home.

They'll also give you time to inspect your shiny new furniture and make sure you're happy with everything, before shaking hands and bidding you farewell.

Our Delivery Service Charges are:

£40 for all UK Mainland Orders under £400*

£80 for all UK Mainland Orders over £400*

* Please note deliveries to remote Scottish regions may incur an additional delivery charge. For further details, please contact us on 01494 793 515 and we'll tell you all you need to know.

As our delivery lead time can vary at certain times throughout the year, for our up-to-date lead time please contact us on 01494 793 515 or via email If you've got a specific time frame in mind, such as working around the decorators or desperately needing it for a family gathering, then give us a call on 01494 793 515 and we'll do our very best to deliver your new furniture, when you need it.

A big sofa needs a large doorway! If you think entry into your property and rooms could be tricky, we strongly advise you to contact our Transport Department on 01494 793 515 to discuss access arrangements. 


Here at UNIQAT, we want you to be able to enjoy your new furniture at the earliest date possible, so we aim to deliver as quickly as we can. As all of our furniture is made to order and made from scratch using your material choices, we work very hard to keep lead times down to a minimum. We are currently working wth lead time of 5-8 weeks depnding on order size and specification of items. You can always keep track of your order and when it will arrive by emailing us at with your order number.

We will always try our best to accommodate any particular needs you may have. Should you have a timeframe in mind or require delivery in irregular circumstances (such as a house move), let us know in advance and we will certainly try our utmost to meet any requirements when we come to finalise your furniture’s delivery date. You can always chat to our helpful team, who will be happy to talk you through the various options that are available.


Before we deliver your sofa, it would be much appreciated if you could ensure there is a clear route to your home, so our team can transport your new piece of furniture inside safely and conveniently. It's also a good idea to measure everything up, so you know your sofa's going to fit perfectly in its new home. This will help us to make sure your furniture reaches its new home in perfect condition with no risk of damage to your property, and that you're happy with everything. Also, if there are any factors that may impact our delivery, like parking difficulties or if your flat is above ground level, it’s best to let us know in advance.

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